RuleML+RR 2020

4th International Joint Conference on Rules and Reasoning

29 June - 1 July 2020, Virtual

Declarative AI 2020 goes virtual by keeping the planned dates and extending the submission deadlines!

The registration is free of charge.

RuleML + RR 2020

Accepted Papers

Main Track

Full papers

Tackling the DMN Challenges with cDMN: A Tight Integration of DMN and Constraint Reasoning (by Bram Aerts, Simon Vandevelde and Joost Vennekens)

Query Answering in Fuzzy DL-Lite with Graded Axiom (by Gabriella Pasi and Rafael Peñaloza)

New Rule Induction Method by use of a Co-occurrence Set from the Decision Table (by Yuichi Kato and Tetsuro Saeki)

An ASP-Based Approach to Counterfactual Explanations for Classification (by Leopoldo Bertossi)

Benchmark for Performance Evaluation of SHACL Implementations in Graph Databases (by Robert Schaffenrath, Daniel Proksch, Markus Kopp, Iacopo Albasini, Oleksandra Panasiuk and Anna Fensel)

Dialogue Games for Explaining Medication Choices (by Qurat-Ul-Ain Shaheen, Alice Toniolo and Juliana K. F. Bowles)

Invertible Bidirectional Metalogical Translation Between Prolog and RuleML for Knowledge Representation and Querying (by Mark Thom, Harold Boley and Theodoros Mitsikas)

Short papers

Reasoning under Uncertainty in Datalog+/- Knowledge Graphs (by Luigi Bellomarini, Eleonora Laurenza, Emanuel Sallinger and Evgeny Sherkhonov)

Distributed Reasoning for Restricted Weakly-Linear Disjunctive Tuple-Generating Dependencies (by Arash Karimi and Jia-Huai You)

Symbolic Similarity Relations for Tuning Fully Integrated Fuzzy Logic Programs (by Gines Moreno and José Antonio Riaza Valverde)

Contestable Black-Boxes (by Andrea Aler Tubella, Andreas Theodorou, Virginia Dignum and Loizos Michael)

On Defining Rules for Cancer Data Fabrication (by Juliana Küster Filipe Bowles, Agastya Silvina, Eyal Bin and Michael Vinov)

On the Formal Representation of the Australian Spent Conviction Scheme (by Guido Governatori and Pompeu Casanovas)

Doctoral Consortium

Distributed Medical Rule Engine (DMRE)-Project (by Gerhard Kober)

Supporting Metamodeling in Ontologies Using Rules (by Haya Majid Qureshi and Wolfgang Faber)

Advanced Syntax and Compilation for Probabilistic Production Rules using PRM (by Gaspard Ducamp, Philippe Bonnard, Christian De Sainte Marie and Pierre-Henri Wuillemin)

Toward a Transparent Recommender System (by Grzegorz P. Mika)

Rule Challenge

Using PROVA-Rule engine as dispatching-service for FHIR-Observation-Resources (by Gerhard Kober and Adrian Paschke)

One Shot Rule Learning for Challenging Character Recognition (by Dany Varghese and Alireza Tamaddoni Nezhad)

Action Rules: Counterfactual explanations in Python (by Lukáš Sýkora and Tomáš Kliegr)

Rule Extraction via Dynamic Discretization with an Application to Air Quality Modelling (by Estrella Lucena Sánchez, Guido Sciavicco, Joanna Kamińska and Eduard Ionel Stan)

A Visual Rule Generation Tool for SWRL (by Alia El Bolock, Ibrahim Mohamed, Cornelia Herbert and Slim Abdennadher)

Towards the use of Situation Hierarchies for supporting Decision Making: A Formal Lattice-Based Approach (by Franco Giustozzi, Julien Saunier and Cecilia Zanni-Merk)

Industry Track

Digital Marketing knowledge transfer to a rule-based reasoning system for massive optimization of campaigns (by Fernando Perales, Ignacio Martínez, Javier Bielsa, Jose Cabanillas and Francisco Rodríguez)

Rule-based Anti-Money Laundering in Financial Intelligence Units: Experience and Vision (by Luigi Bellomarini, Eleonora Laurenza and Emanuel Sallinger)

Hostile Takeovers during the COVID-19 Crisis: Reasoning on Company Knowledge Graphs (by Luigi Bellomarini, Marco Benedetti, Stefano Ceri, Andrea Gentili, Rosario Laurendi, Davide Magnanimi, Markus Nissl and Emanuel Sallinger)

DeRool: A rule-based dialog engine (by Kevin Angele and Jürgen Angele)

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